Hello, my name is Charles P. Rush and like you, I have Tinnitus. You may or may not know the cause of your symptoms. I know exactly when the ringing in my ears began and what caused it. My Tinnitus first started in the spring of 1972 during a military exercise. A device went off within inches of my right ear knocking me out momentarily.

A few days later, my hearing was seemingly normal except for a low volume, high pitched squeal or ringing in my right ear. Since I was a Naval Aviator, I did not want to jeopardize my "Wings" so I didn’t mention this to anyone.

My hearing over the years has been excellent. I wasn’t aware of the ringing unless I consciously listened for it in a quiet environment. I was even able to use the "tone" as a reference in my hearing tests.

Initially, normal everyday noise masked my symptoms. The sound of the air and engine noise that is heard in a quiet cockpit was enough. Over time the tone became more noticeable.

As I approached retirement, I began to realize I could "hear" the tone even while flying.

When I finally told my doctors about my Tinnitus they checked my hearing again, gave me another physical, and finally ordered an MRI of my brain. They couldn’t find anything wrong. An audiologist suggested "white" noise machines, drops, supplements, etc. Nothing worked to relieve my Tinnitus.

The frustration I’ve felt and my passionate nature to help others has guided me to create www.raiseawarenessllc.com. Working with a very talented team, we’ve created a simple mobile application that instantly neutralizes a Tinnitus tone and provides relief no matter where you are. Our goal is to offer Tinnitus sufferers around the world peace of mind by knowing comfort is only a few clicks away. We hope this small step will lead to more advances in Tinnitus treatment and one day, a cure.

All my best,

Charles P. Rush
Raise Awareness®,LLC


Charles P. Rush
Can be reached at: 407-738-3509

Charles P. Rush is a retired professional pilot, who flew as a Corporate Pilot for General Electric for over 30 years. While with GE, Charlie flew worldwide in many different types of aircraft. Rush also served as the Training and Standardization Pilot for the Citation Fleet and was the Senior Pilot who oversaw operation at the Pittsfield, Massachusetts base.

Charlie graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1969 with a minor in Oceanography. During his time as a Midshipman, Rush was instrumental in establishing the Student Branch of the Marine Technology Society. He rowed on the Varsity Crew, eight man shells, winning the 1967 Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) in his event.

After Graduating, Charlie became a Naval Aviator and was stationed on the USS Ticonderoga where he specialized in Anti-Submarine Warfare. When Charlie Rush was discharged from the Navy he knew he wanted to continue in the field of aviation so Charlie and his wife, Kathy, moved to Bradenton, Florida.

Kathy was from Ft. Myers Beach and graduated from Ft. Myers High School, she then went on to Edison Junior College, and graduated from the University of West Florida in 1970.

After his time in the service, Charlie held various positions as a pilot and became President of Venice Airpark Flying Service, which eventually lead to him to accept a pilot position overseas. When the pilot position at GE became available, Charlie and his family came back to the states where he flew for GE until he retired.

Charlie recently created www.raiseawarnessllc.com to help people all over the world find relief from Tinnitus. He hopes that his passion and innovation will offer some Tinnitus sufferers comfort and lead to more advances in treating other types of Tinnitus.